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Fluoroscopy Procedure A fluoroscopy procedure is a unique form of X-ray that uses a special camera to capture real-time moving images of the internal organs of a patient.

Fluoroscopic procedures allow specialists to see specific organs and blood vessels inside the body. During the procedure, your child will lie the imaging table. The fluoroscopy machine is moved over the patient. Depending on the type of exam and body part being imaged, a contrast material may be given by mouth, injection or enema. The radiologist will use the fluoroscope to follow the material through the body. The flouroscope captures the images and creates an X-ray "movie" which can be seen on a monitor during the exam.

If a flouroscopy procedure is needed, your doctor will schedule the appointment and inform you of any special preparation details and appointment times. The following information can also help you prepare for your child's visit.

In addtion, you will need to be ready to tell the technologist about all medications the child is currently taking. We recommend making a list ahead of time and bringing it with you. A pregnancy questionnaire will be completed for female patients 10 years of age and older.

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