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Occupational therapy programs

Cook Children's offers a variety of programs designed to help your child be as independent as possibleThe Occupational therapy team at Cook Children's offers a variety of programs designed to help your child be as independent as possible. Programs are designed to complement each other so your child may participate in one or more programs.

Our programs aren't just kid-friendly, they're kid only. That means we treat children from birth to young adulthood. We offer both inpatient and out patient care, often helping our patients transition from inpatient to outpatient. Expand panels

Inpatient programs

There are many reasons a patient who is hospitalized may need occupational therapy.  The Inpatient Occupational Therapy program here at Cook Children's Medical Center is designed to meet those needs and help improve overall growth, development and functional abilities of patients who are facing daily and long-term living challenges because of an illness, injury, disease or defect.

The goal of our therapists is to improve the skills they need to do everyday tasks at home, work, school and play. To do this, our pediatric therapists evaluate each child's needs, then work closely with the medical team and the family to create a plan that offers your child the best options for success.

We provide treatment services for newborn to young adult with many different diagnoses, including:

Without proper rehabilitation techniques to individualize the treatment for every client and family, these disorders can have lasting debilitating impairments on the client's physical, mental, and emotional state.

Our therapists have daily communication with the care team, including physicians, nurses, therapists, case managers and social workers to better achieve continuity of care while your child is at the Medical Center.

Your child's inpatient occupational therapy team will also work closely with you in the at-home needs of your child, including continuing care recommendations, to ease the transition from hospital to home. In many cases, this may mean that your child will require ongoing care through outpatient occupational therapy, as well as equipment from our Home Health team. Prior to your child's discharge from the Medical Center, we will help you with any referrals and treatments plans necessary to help your child continue on the path to mastering the skill they need.

Outpatient programs

When it comes to outpatient occupational therapy, the program at Cook Children's is nothing short of outstanding. If your child is in need of occupational therapy, you can trust that the care they receive is innovative, compassionate and most importantly—personalized. Every child receives a unique assessment of their current skills, an evaluation for their individual needs and goals, and treatment plan that truly optimizes their level of success.

OT Services typically include:

Great care, close to home

Each of our locations offers top-notch, certified therapists who use the latest techniques, technologies and research in occupational therapy to your child. And we make it easier for the whole family to get involved because we have multiple locations for easy access:

Upper extremity programs

Cook Children's occupational therapy services provide several innovative programs such as:

Assistive technology

Our occupational therapists work closely with physical and speech therapists to provide help improve a child's access to the environment. The occupational therapists role is to problem solve how the child may use the device.

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Patients can make an appointment and physicians may refer a patient by calling 682-885-3898. Please fax referrals and patient registration forms to 682-885-7590.

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