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SPORTS program

The Cook Children's Sports Performance Orthopedic Rehab Team Specialists (SPORTS) program offers care to children and adolescents with orthopedic or sports-related injuries.

Why Choose Cook Children's SPORTS Program?

Know the score! To keep your child off the bench and in the game, help them stay injury-free. Get the latest tips and suggestions from the top team in town: the Cook Children's SPORTS medicine team, here.

Our physicians, therapists, nurses and technologists work exclusively with kids and understand the unique needs of a growing athlete's bones, muscles, body and mind.

As a part of Cook Children's integrated pediatric health care system, our patients have access to a multitude of pediatric specialty areas with board certified doctors, as well as laboratory services, nutritional consultations and sports medicine counseling. Patients benefit from this integrated system because it allows our staff to use all of the system's resources during treatment. It also improves communication between the various departments whose physicians are focused on caring for children and adolescents.



Cook Children's orthopedic surgeons are trained to treat a wide range of pediatric athletes, including beginners, special needs and those on select teams. Patient services range from assessments and examinations, such as X-rays, regular monitoring and bracing, to surgery, if necessary. Patients also have access to a Cook Children's pediatric orthotist.

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Schedule an appointment or refer a patient

Patients can make an appointment and physicians may refer a patient by calling 866-205-7270. Please fax referrals and patient registration forms to 817-347-2985.

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