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Cook Children's Health Care System is committed to clear and accurate billing to better serve our families.

Read all bills carefully to find the phone number to call for assistance. Or call your employer's benefits office for explanations. Not all bills will come from Cook Children's. If you have questions about your bill, please call 682-885-4432, or if calling from area codes other than 817 or 682, call toll free at 888-852-6635.

Bills from doctors

  • Pediatric specialists who treated your child in the medical center - pulmonologist, neurologist, cardiologist, hematologist, psychiatrist and others whose skills were needed.
  • Pediatric specialists who treated your child in special departments - intensive care, rehabilitation and others.
  • Pediatric specialists who work in X-ray or lab - radiologist, pathologist.
  • Pediatric specialists who work in surgery - surgeon, anesthesiologist.

Not all bills will come from Cook Children's. Some bills will be mailed to you from doctors' offices and billing services. Read these bills carefully to find the phone number to call if you have a question about charges.

Bills from Cook Children's Medical Center

Hospital bill - room charges, medications, operating room fees, lab tests, medical supplies and equipment.

You may also have emergency department physician and ER charges if you came to the ER.

This bill will come from Cook Children's. Read the bill carefully. Call 682-885-4432 if you have questions. Or, if calling from area codes other than 817 or 682, call toll free, 888-852-6635.

If your child is treated at a Cook Children's Specialty Clinic, you will receive TWO bills for each visit. One from doctors who cared for your child and one for medical center outpatient services:

  • Laboratory tests and procedures
  • Supplies
  • Equipment and medical center costs
  • Clinical and other staff fees

This will be billed as OUTPATIENT HOSPITAL. Please read your benefits plan carefully. Call 682-885-4432 if you have questions. (Or, call 888-852-6635 outside area code 817 or 682.)

If your child has weekly or regular appointments at Cook Children's Medical Center, you may receive a bill (or bills) for one of these services. You may also receive a separate bill for doctors in these specialities:

  • Infectious Disease Clinic
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Psychiatric Services

This bill will come from Cook Children's and will include all charges for clinical and other staff, laboratory tests and procedures. Read the bill carefully, and call 682-885-4432 if you have questions. (Or, call 888-852-6635 outside area code 817 or 682.)

You may also receive a separate bill for doctors in these specialities.

Cook Children's sends bills directly to insurance companies. It is your responsibility to:

  • Contact your insurance plan to learn how much you must pay for your child's care.
  • Contact your insurance company to learn if your bill is being processed.
  • Pay Cook Children's for all charges not paid by your insurance company.

Accounts left unpaid may be referred to a collection agency.

Cook Children's Physician Network

If your doctor is a member of Cook Children's Physician Network, you can enjoy convenient and easy billing, plus all of the features of our Web service. Cook Children's MyChart patient portal, helps you manage your child's health care information and much more.

On MyChart you can:

  • See test results, based on doctor discretion
  • Email messages with your child's doctor's office
  • Print your child's vaccine record for school or camp

Learn about MyChart

Cook Children's Surgery Center (Hurst)

You will receive a bill from Cook Children's Surgery Center for the services provided to you by the center. In addition you will receive separate billing for the services provided by physicians at the hospital. Additional bills may come from, surgeons, anesthesiologists, pathologists and radiologists. The physician bills are payable to the physician offices, Cook Children's Surgery Center does not bill for or accept payment on physician bills.

Payment for services including deductibles, coinsurance and copays is due at the time of service. If you are a self- pay patient, payment is due in full unless payment plan arrangements have been made. Payment plans can be arranged for any with the Financial Counselor prior to scheduled services.

We are committed to accurate and timely billing for all services at our facility. For your convenience we offer an online payment portal where you can access your account(s) and make payments directly through our safe and secure payment portal using major credit cards (MC, VISA, Discover and American Express) If you follow the link to the portal you will be asked to either register or access the portal without registering. There will be specific information required to utilize the portal for example the account number & guarantor information which can be found on your statement.

Once again we appreciate that you chose Cook Children's Surgery Center for your family's healthcare needs.

Cook Children's Pediatric Surgery Center (Plano)

Cook Children's Pediatric Surgery Center fees cover the use of the facility only and do not include laboratory, pathology, surgeon or anesthesiologist fees. You will be billed separately for those services.

The Business Office will call you several days prior to surgery to discuss billing procedures. We will call your insurance to verify coverage which will include any co payments, co-insurance and deductibles. Our calculation of your portion of the procedure's cost will be based on this information. This will be an estimate and it is your responsibility to pay this cost on the date of service. As a courtesy, we will bill your primary and secondary insurance carriers directly for the surgery center's charges. Be sure to bring your most current insurance cards with you on the day of surgery.

Patients who do not have insurance are required to pay their charges in advance. We accept cash, cashier's checks, credit cards and personal checks with a valid photo ID.

We realize that at times you may require special financial arrangements. In these instances, please call us prior to the surgery to discuss alternative methods of payment. We accept Care Credit at the facility to help to find a comfortable way for you to fit treatment payments into your budget. Please visit the Care Credit Web site for more information or call our Business Office at 972-300-0215 for instructions.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the facility charges, our financial policies or billing procedures, please feel free to contact us at 972-300-0215

Online bill payment through My eBill

Clear and accurate billing is important to us at Cook Children's. We are pleased to offer My eBill, a tool to help you better manage account balances.

My eBill is a web-based patient account billing management tool you can use from the comfort of your home. Account information from Cook Children's billing systems are located here. It is now easier and more convenient than ever for you to manage and pay account balances, update insurance information and get answers to your billing questions.

My eBill offers secure, convenient access to your account 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Cook Children's is committed to providing exceptional care throughout your experience with us. With My eBill, you now have greater control of how your account is managed.

Pay your bill online