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Choosing Our Team

The Radiology Imaging department provides services focused on the imaging needs of children. We are dedicated to making your child's experience safe in an environment that is child and family centered.

Our team of radiologists, anesthesiologists, technologists, nurses and Child Life specialists are experts in caring for children.

Radiology imaging services

Pediatric radiologists

Our team is led by doctors specializing in pediatric radiology. They receive additional training in pediatric imaging and are board certified. Your child's radiologist is responsible for reading radiology procedure results.

Pediatric anesthesiologists

Anesthesia services are available in the Radiology department. Anesthesia may be required for young children who are unable to remain still long enough for certain Radiology procedures. Using anesthesia for children undergoing an MRI exam is very common and safe.

If your child is scheduled for anesthesia, a radiology nurse and a nurse practitioner from the department of Anesthesiology will call you. These nurses will ask you questions about your child's medical information, give you special preparation instructions, and answer questions you might have. On the day of your child's procedure you will meet with your anesthesiologist to talk about the anesthesia plan.