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Information for School Administrators

What is telemedicine and how can it benefit my school?

We’re excited to offer parents and students a new option for pediatric care at their school. Through high definition video and communications equipment, the school nurse can connect with a Cook Children's provider for assessment and treatment reducing student absenteeism.

Participate in program: 682-885-1032

How is the program funded?

There is no cost to the school as the equipment and telemedicine platform will be provided by Cook Children’s through a service contract with the school district. Services are provided on a fee for service basis to be paid for by the parent or guardian. Insurance and Texas Medicaid will be billed for those students presenting eligible coverage. When eligible coverage cannot be verified, the parent/guardian will be asked for payment in full.

How is student privacy protected?

All parents/guardians will be required to complete Cook Children’s designated consents and acknowledgments for treatment and communication of patient information. Cook Children’s physicians and staff will follow the patient confidentiality and privacy policies of Cook Children’s Health Care System. The telemedicine video conference platform selected is HIPAA compliant.

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