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The Cook Children's Public Relations (PR) department handles media relations, publications, community relations and special events, providing service to the news media, while protecting our patients and their families.

We realize news should be compelling, interesting and sometimes heartwarming. At Cook Children's, the PR department will help media deliver those stories by providing an expert in the field and a patient family as needed. We understand the pressure of deadlines and the importance of meeting them.

We will deliver nationally recognized pediatric experts who are dedicated to helping children overcome mental, emotional and physical challenges. Because our experts are extremely talented, they also keep hectic schedules. Public Relations will arrange the interviews that best fit the media's story. We look forward to working with you all.

Media guidelines

Patient rights and legal information you need to know.

News interviews

How to request a news interview.

Experts on Call

Experts on a variety of health care-related topics are available.

Request a photo or video shoot

Requirments for requesting the use of our facilities.

Contact Public Relations

Find the right person to help you with your request.