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Through our Grand Rounds video library, Cook Children's provides busy health care professionals an opportunity to receive current information on a variety of health care topics when and where it is convenient.

These informational offerings provide an opportunity to learn from experts in pediatric health care.

Disclaimer: This is an educational program designed to present scientific information and opinion to health professionals, to stimulate thought, and further investigation. It does not provide advice regarding medical diagnosis or treatment for any individual case. It is not intended for use by the layman. Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of Cook Children's Health Care System. Mention of products or services does not constitute endorsement.
Information Only - “Update on Weight Loss Surgery in Adolescents and Teenagers”Dr. Qureshi will present on the aspects of a pediatric bariatric program.
Information Only - Adult Congenital Heart Disease: What Happens to My Patients When They Grow Up?Dr.
Information Only - Advances In Pediatric Food AllergyAttendees will gain knowledge of the history, diagnostic tests and recent advances in the treatment of food allergies. Learning Objectives: 1.
Information Only - Benign Biliary Disease: Can we do better?Learning Objectives: Discuss common indications for laparoscopic cholecystectomy in children Review literature regarding timely management of gallstone pancreatitis Discuss surgical management of biliary dyskinesia Discuss laparoscopic rese
Information Only - Bone Health and Disorders in PediatricsAttendees will gain knowledge of bone biology and health, differentiation between rickets and osteoporosis, select bone disorders, diagnostic assessment of bone health, and symptomatic treatments for bone disorders.
Information Only - Bringing Life from Loss: The Kidney Allocation and Transplant SystemDr.
Information Only - Child Abuse Awareness Month: Drug Endangered ChildrenAttendees will increase knowledge of abuse and neglect and the rate of positive drug tests in drug exposed children, and ethical considerations of drug exposure as a form of child abuse.
Information Only - Cholesterol Screening in Children and Young Adults: Where are we going?Attendees will gain knowledge of the role of hypercholesterolemia in cardiovascular disease, current recommendations for cholesterol screening, appropriate ages and suitable methods of cholesterol screening, and why physicians do not follow clin
Information Only - Complex Esophageal ReconstructionAfter attending/viewing this activity, RNs, physicians, and other healthcare providers will increase knowledge of characteristics and benefits of a multidisciplinary approach to complex esophageal disorders, options for esophageal reconstruction in c
Information Only - Creativity and Innovation in Medicine: How can we make Cooks Children's even better?Dr. Byun will present on how practitioners can be more creative within the parameters of their field in relation to patients' needs. Learning Objectives: 1.
Information Only - Digital Doctor: How the future of healthcare will drive you into the digital spaceDr. Smith will present how to better integrate technological advances into daily practice. Learning Objectives: Discuss consumer trends that are creating expectations that will foster competition.
Information Only - Disorders of Sex Development (DSD)Attendees will increase knowledge differences in sexual differentiation including sexual orientation, gender identity, pathophysiology of differentiation, and examination of a newborn with DSD.
Information Only - Empowering the NINJAs Among Us to Reduce Nephrotoxic Medication Associated AKIAttendees will increase knowledge of acute kidney injury (AKI) including the rates of AKI in children receiving nephrotoxic medications, the NINJA program, and improvements in AKI outcomes.
Information Only - Evaluation and Treatment of the Transgender ChildAttendees will increase knowledge of the evaluation and treatment of the transgender child including signs of gender dysphoria, the natural history of untreated gender dysphoria, and recommendations for pubertal blockade and cross-sex therapy.
Information Only - Evaluation for Cardiovascular Abnormalities in the Young Athlete: Current ControversiesLearning Objectives: Define the incidence and outcomes of sudden cardiac death in children Describe the most common causes of sudden cardiac death in children Highlight the current US recommendations for preparticipation screening Evaluate
Information Only - Extracorporeal Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (ECPR) - Is It Worth It?Attendees will increase knowledge of extracorporeal cardiopulmonary resuscitation(ECPR) including the role of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) in ECPR.
Information Only - Firearm Injuries in ChildrenDr. Lovvorn will present evidence-based research regarding pediatric firearm injuries. . Learning Objectives: Identify disparities in the types of firearm injuries between children of rural and urban settings.
Information Only - Formalizing Antimicrobial StewardshipAttendees will gain knowledge of national efforts to encourage formal antimicrobial stewardship, examine a stewartship program and a multi-faceted partnership and leadership plan for future antimicrobial stewartship efforts.
Information Only - Genetic Predisposition of Childhood CancerLearning Objectives: Review the role of genetic susceptibility in various childhood cancers Identify benefits and limitations of genetic testing for children and adolescents with cancer Explore ethical issues of testing minors for cancer pred
Information Only - Introduction to Robotic Surgery in Pediatric Patients and Pediatric UrologyLearning Objectives: Identify differences in surgical techniques. Define the role of robotics for pediatric patients for surgeons and non-surgeons. Describe potential benefits of robotics surgery for pediatric urology patients.
Information Only - Management of Intestine Failure, Including TransplantationAttendees will increase knowledge of therapies for hemophilia including new extended half-life factor preparations, alternative hemostatic agents, and progress in gene therapy in order to improve patient outcomes.
Information Only - Multi-Faith Perspectives on Fertility PreservationAttendees will gain knowledge of fertility preservation on religious grounds, primary beliefs held by different religions including Catholicism, Islam, and Judaism, and appropriate opportunites for Pastoral Care to be involved.
Information Only - Pediatric Feeding Problems: The Causes, Issues, and When to ReferMs. McGlothlin will discuss normal oral motor/feeding development within the first two years of life, feeding red flags for all children, and the differences between typical and abnormal feeding behaviors and when to refer to a specialist.
Information Only - Sit...Stay...PLAY! The Therapeutic Value of our DogsDr. Coffman, Ms. Koss and Ms. Marco will discuss scientific and anecdotal evidence of the therapeutic value of facility dogs, how it enhances clinical practice, and utilization of facility dogs to the maximum therapeutic benefit.
Information Only - The physical and mental health of the President of the United States may have a significant impact on the health of the nationLearning Objectives: Discuss the health challenges faced by former U.S.
Information Only - What We Can Learn from Adverse Event Investigation to Improve Patient SafetyDr. Diller will present on the National Patient Safety standards and ways to improve patient safety methods. Learning Objectives: Describe the National Patient Safety perspective on Adverse Event Investigation.
Information Only - What’s in a name? Munchausen Syndrome by proxy vs Medical Child AbuseDr. Coffmann and Mr. Weber will discuss, compare and contrast Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy versus Medical Child Abuse.
Information Only - Zika and West Nile: the mosquitoes keep surprising usDr. Spak will discuss progression and prevention strategies regarding the West Nile and Zika virus.
Information Only -Early Recognition & Management of Patients with Turner SyndromeAttendees will increase knowledge of Turner Syndrome including clinical characteristics, the importance of early diagnosis, and management of the most common conditions associatedwith Turner Syndrome.
Information Only -Fibromyalgia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and Chronic Pain Syndrome: What are we talking about?Attendees will increase knowledge of of pediatric fibromyalgia including the epidemiology and impact of the disease, diagnostic criteria, and treatment options. Learning Objectives: Define the science of pediatric fibromyalgia.
Information Only -Quality Improvement for HPV VaccinationAttendees will increase knowledge of human papillomavirus (HPV) including the burden of HPV disease, the effectiveness of the virus, vaccine coverage in TX and in the US, an HPV quality initiative program, and improvement in primary care physic
Information Only -Sepsis: Early Diagnosis and ResponseAttendees will increase knowledge of early diagnosis and response to sepsis in the pediatric patient.
Information Only -What the Pediatric Clinician Needs to Know About Tuberculosis: 2017 GuidanceAttendees will increase knowledge of tuberculosis in the pediatric patient including children at risk, new guidelines for diagnosis, and advantages and disadvantages of the three main drug regimens available.
Information Only- Advance Care Planning with Adolescents and Young Adults with Chronic Medical Conditions: Challenges, Tools, and TechniquesDr. Heath will gain new knowledge regarding the importance of communicating with adolescents and you adults about end of life and advanced care planning that may impact quality of life for adolescents and young adults with cancer.
Information Only- All Hospice is Palliative Care, Not All Palliative Care is HospiceAttendees will increase knowledge of palliative care including comparison of palliative care and hospice services, barriers to palliative care services, and identification of patient populations who could benefit from palliative care.
Information Only- Cannabinoid: Snake Oil or Miracle Cure?Attendees will increase knowledge of cannabidiol (CBD) including its efficacy in epilepsy, potential side effects, and the endocannabinoid system.
Information Only- The Impact of Project ADAM in Texas and on a national levelAttendees will increase knowledge of the impact of project ADAM, national prevention efforts and statistics of sudden cardiac death, and advances and opportunities in sudden cardias arrest education.