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Transitional Care Unit

Transitional Care Unit (TCU) is an inpatient hospital area that provides rehabilitation services to children recovering from all types of illnesses and injuries and congenital defects affecting the brain, spine and central nervous system.

TCU offers therapy, family support and education so that children can return to school and home activities as soon as possible. The unit provides neurological rehabilitative services and care for technology-dependent children such as those who need ventilators to breathe. The treatment team includes neurologists and pulmonologists, nursing and ancillary staff and rehabilitation therapists.

Staff prepare technology-dependent children and their families for transition from hospital to home. Families learn about illnesses and conditions and learn technical skills to care for their child outside the medical center.

TCU includes a therapeutic gym, activity area, independent living room and a rooming-in area for parents to prepare for transition to home. Patients may keep up with schoolwork with teachers from the Fort Worth Independent School District at the hospital school or from their home district.

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