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Cook Children's is one of the largest freestanding pediatric health care systems in the country. Our complete network of care includes a medical center, Northeast hospital, pediatric surgery center, 60 specialty clinics, more than 30 pediatrician offices, 5 urgent care centers and 2 emergency departments. We also have a retail pharmacy and 4 home health locations across the state of Texas. When it comes to your child's health, we're with you every mile and every milestone ... every inch of the way.

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Teddy Bear Transport

Cook Children's is supported by one of the largest pediatric transport programs in the nation. More than 3,500 children are transported to Cook Children's Medical Center annually from Texas and its surrounding states, most for critical care.

Retail Pharmacy

Pharmacy and Laboratory

Cook Children's pharmacy and laboratory services include both in-patent and out-patient care. Our retail pharmacy, located on the first floor of the main campus medical center, is a full-service pharmacy including compounding medicines specifically for children.

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Telehealth and Virtual Medicine

Sometimes getting into a doctor's office is tricky and getting good medical care on the weekends or after hours can be hard. But now, with modern technology, many of our practices are allowing you to see the doctor in the convenience of your home with video streaming. It's the best of both worlds, combining current technology with the values of a family doctor making house calls.